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Each of your sprinkler valves will be isolated in its own box with expansion coils for quicker, easier service access and testing.


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When you choose Fischer Irrigation, you'll get a sprinkler system that's designed to meet or exceed all state and local code requirements. In addition, you'll maximize your investment to achieve the best value for your dollars spent. Fischer Irrigation is a Hunter Gold Preferred Contractor with over 20 years of experience in designing and installing sprinkler systems.

The Hunter Pro Series Controller at the heart of your sprinkler system gives you complete control over how and when your lawn is watered.

  • Expandable to 15 zones

  • Rain sensor recognition with bypass

  • Non-volatile 100-year memory with no battery required

  • 3 independent programs with 4 starts, allowing even or odd day of the week or interval scheduling

  • Metal oxide varistor for superior surge protection

  • Remote ready

You get a customized sprinkler system from Fischer Irrigation. We'll carefully install Hunter products to create a watering system that keeps your lawn looking great.

  • Strict tolerances for sprinkler head spacing to ensure better coverage and a higher precipitation rate

  • Use of Hunter flow control valves to enable proper nozzle pressure, decrease water loss due to evaporation, and ensure proper coverage

  • Zoning based on exposure, soil, and plant type to eliminate “feast or famine syndrome”

  • Use of 4”, 6”, and 12” pop-up sprinklers to eliminate risers (“sticks with nozzles"), for aesthetic purposes when system is not running, and to maintain coverage after plant growth occurs

  • 8”-12” main trench depth

  • Rotors installed on square spacing (head-to-head) to achieve an approximately 0.6 inch per hour precipitation rate

  • Sprays installed on square spacing (head to head) or triangular spacing (distance shortened to 0.86 radius) to achieve an approximately 1.5+ inch per hour precipitation rate

  • Careful sod cutting during the installation, additional time and care in the final cleanup, and use of surfactant on all trenches and disturbed grass to minimize shock and expedite the recovery of your lawn

Your Fischer Irrigation sprinkler system will be constructed using premium Hunter components with the most advanced features available in the industry.

  • No exposed wiring — infield valve wiring is all 16 gauge, solid copper, UF-rated, and either buried or fully enclosed in conduit

  • Schedule 40 PVC for the main line

  • Hunter Pro Series Sprays with heavy duty cases, interchangeable nozzles, and replaceable seals

  • Hunter Pro Series Controller — see above for the convenient features

  • Hunter SRV Valves with flow controls for proper nozzle pressuring

  • Brass-pressured vacuum breakers that have been insulated and taped with UV-resistant tape

  • Isolation valves with access boxes

You can keep your residential or commercial property's lawn looking lush and green all the time when you let Fischer Irrigation install a quality Hunter brand sprinkler system. For a FREE estimate on new sprinklers, call 281-480-2790 today.

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