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Downsprout Lawn drainage

Several types of drain systems are available. The best choice for your property depends on your problem and your area, and you can count on us to install the right system for your yard.

When you choose Fischer Irrigation, you get a licensed drainage contractor with 30 years of experience in handling Texan rains. We know the area's soil and water properties, and we've received great reviews for our drainage work.

Surface drains can be located in lawn areas or within concrete areas. Decorative grates are available, including polished brass and a nice selection of colors in polyethylene.


Concrete basins are available for driveways and streets. They range from 12” to 48” and have traffic-approved grates of cast iron or fabricated metal.

  • Downspout

  • Surface (atrium or area)

  • 3 sizes of channel drains

  • Subsurface and French drains

All piping used is SDR 35 (unless something else is specified) and is available in 4” through 8” diameters. The elevations are determined with a sight level. Then a series of calculations are performed to establish the proper and maximum efficiency obtainable.


These elevations are marked every 10 feet and charted for reference. A minimum drop in elevation to the end of the system of 1¼” per 10 feet is desired. If the existing grade does not permit this slope, the available drop will be calculated and charted every 10 feet.


Establishing the precise elevation for the pipe at a given location is essential to a properly installed drainage system. Without this accuracy, the pipe will not have the maximum output for its size. In other words, you could be charged for a 4” pipe and get the performance of a 2” one. Boring is available and all drains can be carried through the curbing at the street and reconcreted.

Is your landscape ruined by unwanted puddles? Do you have water running into your home when it rains? If you have drainage problems around your home or business, Fischer Irrigation has effective solutions that keep your home and yard dry.

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