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The majority of foundation problems are caused by improper maintenance, which creates inconsistent moisture levels in the soil under your home.


The secret to avoiding foundation problems is to consistently maintain the moisture content of the soil around your home. Our MAXI-ZONE system is designed with your problem in mind.

We provide preventive foundation watering solutions that maintain the health of your soil and can save you from expensive corrective conventional foundation repair methods. To learn more, please call 281-480-2790 for a FREE estimate.

If you see cracked bricks, sticking doors, and damaged sheetrock in your home, you are having foundation settlement problems that can result in the devaluation of your property. Fischer Irrigation has the solution to your problems.

Stop foundation damage in your home

Our goal is to help you avoid costly foundation repairs by properly maintaining your home's foundation and the soil underneath.


We help you avoid costly repairs with our proven moisture control system and maintenance program. Before you spend thousands on foundation repair, call Fischer Irrigation at 281-480-2790!

The design of the MAXI-ZONE system is a result of 5 years of research in soil mechanics and system hydraulics. The resulting design conforms to the “Constant and Consistent” operation as described by the research at the University of Texas at Arlington. It also addresses the need for different application rates due to the diversity of exposure and plants surrounding the foundations.


Unlike horizontally installed systems, the MAXI-ZONE foundation moisture system utilizes a vertical stem to begin hydrating at a depth of 45 inches. This depth increases the short-term effectiveness and eliminates rain sensitivity. The hydraulic design enables precise delivery at extremely low flow rates even when changes in elevation occur, which will affect the output in the horizontal type design. This enables our system to be a constant flow rather than intermittent.


Our competitors' intermittent flow systems use electronic controllers and electric valves that complicate the design and increase the prices. Our design is a simpler approach that is more reliable at a lower cost at the initial installation and during ongoing maintenance. Contact us to learn more about protecting your home's foundation.

Avoid costly foundation repairs

Proper soil moisture levels are critical

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